02.01.18 | NEW WEBSITE // 2017 RELEASES // SHOP  

Happy New Year!

At long last our new website is up and (hopefully) running. Sadly, as we are still stuck in the late 1990's, this website is not currently optimised for viewing on mobile devices, but work is underway.

2017 saw the release of three very different yet equally powerful beasts on IMPEKA - from Peter Coyte's carefully treated field recordings, via PiK and Ruwins' wonderfully crafted ethereal electronica and fuzzy disco, through to the sonic collages and improvisation of Conspirators of Pleasure.

Our shop and back catalogue can be found under the OUTPUT tab; links to collaborators past, present and future can be found in the INPUT section; newsletter, upcoming releases and more information can be found in the STAY PUT and ABOUTPUT sections respectively.

Be sure to follow us on TWITTER and SOUNDCLOUD, too.

Another update will come in a not-too-distant future...